Shopwindow provides innovative tools to engage your customers with your business. Easy-to-use forms on your website allow customers to quickly sign up and begin receiving your emails about your upcoming promotions and events.

We can set up multi-level email marketing campaigns that will begin emailing as soon as one or more actions occur. Maybe a customer’s anniversary is coming up.  We can set up an email to send out the day of and invite them in for a complimentary dessert. Or, when someone engages with specific content in an email, we can send them a special promotion or information pertaining to it. The possibilities are endless!

But Shopwindow doesn’t stop there. Easily sell special offers through the platform that are seen in your emails and on your website. All profits go directly to your account and are never seen by Shopwindow or Rapport — we’re just here to make it look good.

Need a presence on the web? This powerful platform allows landing page and full website building and hosting.

Whatever piece of Shopwindow you utilize for your business, it comes complete with detailed analytics on how long a customer looked at an email, what they clicked on, where they went on your website, whether they were looking on it via their mobile device or computer — all to help get you the final sale or see what your customers are most interested in.

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