The Sweet News — June 2016

A note from the Southern Bee…

Adding “innovative” to my company’s name was deliberate since I decided from the very beginning that one of my company’s goals would be to constantly search for innovative marketing tools. Well, I have found another one that I would live to share with you.

Take a stroll through this interactive tool, Google Tours with Hotspots, and let your mind wonder about the possibilities… wish I could create one for my garden and label all my plants… Google are you game?

As with all things innovative, we must all be careful that just because it is “cool” doesn’t mean it is effective and within your budget. So, always be mindful to stay ahead of the game, but remember you still have to feed your team. That being said, you can’t hit a home run if you don’t swing at the ball — so take a swing at innovative and there might be a chance you will become a marketing all-star!

Bee Hot-Spotted,


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