The Sweet News — May 2016

A note from the Southern Bee…

Radio… remember when it was the go-to for music, the news, interviews, sports and so much more? Life was simpler and so was out connection to the world — three TV stations, one phone in the house, the daily newspaper, and radio to discover the world.

Even though I own a company that sells innovative tools, I am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to my connection with the world — guess that is why I named my company Rapport. I still enjoy the sound of a human voice, the value of a face to face meeting, the joy of connecting to a person simple because I liked their smile or their story.

For me Radio is still one of my mainstays in daily life! It gives me news, political updates, stories from the other side of the world and ones in my own backyard, my favorite music, exposure to new music, and insight that I might not have time to read.

So, my recent interview on the Lucy Ann Lance Show was not only enjoyable, as Lucy is such a professional interviewer, but I was able to share my story with radio land — very exciting for this radio groupie!

I think Radio will always be one of the survivors in our race to live faster and better than the previous generation. In the end, technology can never replace the many nuances of a human voice — nor squash our yearning to hear it.

Have a few minutes?

Listen to my interview and discover a few new things about Rapport!

As Charles Osgood says, “Until next time I’ll see you on the radio” — I hope!

Bee Tuned,


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