Old School Meets New School

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I love notebooks.


Even with all the new technology that allows you write and draw directly on a computer screen, for me notebooks will always trump.


So you’ll imagine my sheer joy when Moleskine notebooks announced their Smart Writing Set.


This awesome technology lets you write in a specially designed Moleskine notebook (the Paper Tablet) with a SmartPen+ which easily transfers and digitizes your notes and sketches to your smartphone or tablet via an app. No more sketching out, scanning, and then having to use some mad Illustrator skills to digitize it. It’s all done in one go.


The SmartPen+ uses and infrared camera that, combined with the Paper Tablet, will capture what you write and send it to your smartphone.


But wait — there’s more! If you don’t have your smartphone or tablet with you, the pen will save whatever you have written into it’s internal memory.


I’m sold.

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