Make It A Brochure

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From large business to freelance creatives, everyone is trying to think with a new perspective these day.

Because of this, brochure printing is becoming even more complex in an attempt to keep up with new designs ideas and technical requirements.


So, how can you make your brochure designs stand out from the crowd and start people talking? Here are a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing:


Corporate folders with loose-leaf inserts

A corporate folder with loose-leaf inserts can look polished and incorporate all manner of optional extras, making it fitting when you want to add something extra to your brochure.


Folded paper/origami

Folding paper is not only cost-effective, but is also a memorable way to connect with your readers. Plus, a surprising amount of information can be contained within a relatively small space. Just be careful, since brochures that don’t lie flat can be difficult for your clients to keep and refer back to.


Adding tabs to your brochure can have an immediate effect in terms of usability and navigation. Combining tabs with a strong, confident use of color and striking typography means that it can look good too.


Do you have a favorite way to design your brochures? Leave a comment below!

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